Here's just a small sampling of our previous mission trips.


We traveled to The Mission at Natuvu Creek in 2016 -- it was an amazing journey with an incredible mission team, the warm hospitality of the Fijian people, and even a cyclone. Thank you again to all those who helped to make the trip possible. By joining our cause, you helped us serve 149 clinic patients and perform 14 surgeries. We saw newborns and grandmothers alike, and we were humbled by the deep appreciation and gratitude of our patients. 



In 2015 we took a team of attending surgeons, residents, anesthesiologists, CRNAs, and nurses to Kenya to serve the remote population of Migori. This 10 day trip focused on patients with head and neck cancer and thyroid disease, we completed 39 surgeries in total. The clinics and operating rooms are maintained by a nonprofit organization called Kenya Relief, though team members paid their own way and donated their services.



Our facial plastic team including surgeons and residents have also made several trips to Cambodia where the procedures are focused on congenital ear anomalies with staged procedures performed over several trips.